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About Navarra Live Music!

Navarra Live Music! is a project that aims to encourage the development of music as a strategic sector, at the same time fostering and raising the visibility of its creative, economic and image impact in Navarra.

The first phase of this initiative consists of preparing an atlas of the music industry in Navarra. This is a matter of identifying and thinking about a database for all stakeholders in the sector, so creating a space for participation and raising visibility, in Navarra and beyond. Once the initial 'snapshot' has been created, needs will be analysed and different lines of action devised, all with the aim of fostering both the musical ecosystem in Navarra and the companies and resources connected with it, in tourist and economic terms.

Navarra Live Music! is the result of the support and joint efforts of the general directorates of tourism and culture of the government of Navarra.

Aims: After a first phase of gathering information, this will be made public gradually, sorting the information collected into sections. An atlas available to anybody who wants to know or find out about music in Navarra, all in one place.

Categorisation: To perform this task of mapping, the music industry in Navarra has been divided into 14 sectors or lines of work, each differentiated by a specific description which includes the main details of each stakeholder involved, as well as details of the work they do.

Participation: Navarra Live Music! makes no sense without the collaboration of the stakeholders and artists who make up the musical ecosystem in Navarra. The database on music in Navarra aims to be a living thing that is constantly fed and updated by all concerned. To encourage participation in this atlas, this collaboration will be supported by different institutional programmes and actions.

Analysis: After the mapping, the scale and scope of the community as a generator of wealth, diversity and cultural development will be analysed, both from the point of view of the music industry and from the standpoint of tourism. This will allow it to be promoted both in Navarra and beyond, as well as studying its strengths, weaknesses and the specific needs of the sector so that these can be worked on together.

Present and future: Navarra Live Music! is being set up as a useful, living tool aimed at strengthening and professionalising music and reinforcing it as a pull factor in economic and tourist terms. It also aims to create a space for meeting and dialogue, to act as an interlocutor between the different groups involved and generate increasingly solid interactions between them.

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